Green Energy Solutions

Solar Dash provide residential and commercial solar solutions across Western Australia. We are committed to provide you with knowledge that helps you to realize the benefits of renewable energy and its positive impact on the future of our planet. We thrive to provide the most compelling value in the solar industry with a customer experience that emphasize on superior pre and post sales service.



SolarDash representative will visit your home for a FREE consultation to ensure your home is a good fit for solar and a worthwhile investment. Next, we’ll design a custom solar system specifically for your home. We handle the process of contacting your electricity company and applying for DEBS or REBS.

Once your solar system is operational, they’ll start paying for themselves instantly. The extra energy your home generates is automatically sold to your utility supplier, reducing your bill further. You’ll see the direct benefits at work every single month.


  • Skilled work-force

SolarDarh works with the best installation teams in the industry. All our designers and installers are Clean Energy Council Accredited.

  • Quality Assurance

All panels and Inverters supplied by SolarDash are approved by the Clean Energy Council and meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar PV systems.

  • Customer Service

We at SolarDash believe in the saying ‘Good service is good business.’ We understand the importance of keeping our customers happy and that focus will remain the same from day one to years down the line

  • Solar Solution Experts

Our solar solution experts have years of industry experience and undergo continual training and professional development, ensuring we deliver the highest degree of service with the greatest possible results for our customers.

  • Quick & Easy Finance

SolarDash partners with the most trusted finance option in the industry. Our finance providers have the same mission as ours – To provide great, hassle free service to our customers.

  • Best Value Services

Our solar solution experts will offer a value for money Solar PV System that maximizes your savings. Further, all our systems are at zero dollar deposit/up-front costs.

Need Help With?

Solar at your Telecommunications Site?

If you aren’t sure which option is right for you, use our contact form to request a consultation with one of our staff to recommend the appropriate products for your application.