“A&A Teleservices has a very comprehensive portfolio of areas of work in the industry. We are constantly embracing new technologies and upskilling our work force to take up the dynamic challenges that are being put out by the telecommunications and IT industries. Rapid technological changes in last decade and half have led to both these industries being dovetailed into one another, where IP has taken over classical telecommunications creating new standards in this space. Hence, our thrust line in the company has been constantly build ourselves and be ahead to meet the challenges of the changing environment and space.”

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  • A & A Teleservices Pty Ltd , 10 Ardmore Parade, Ellenbrook , WA 6069

  • +61 415 420 414, 1300 770 164

  • info@aateleservices.com.au

  • @aateleservices.com.au

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