A&A Teleservices or AATS is a Perth based company, established in 2016 by a team of engineers with high levels of expertise and experience in the field of Wireless Communication & ICT solutions and services. Company provide turnkey solution services of design, installation & maintains of Satellite Communications system, Microwave & Radio communication and CCTV systems. In addition, we are expanding our business and increasing expertise in the renewable energy and solar systems sector. We provide Solar Energy Solution for remote telecommunication and CCTV system for public and private sectors.

Customer Services

We all at A&A Teleservices will make best efforts to meet customer needs and requirements by using modern technology, products of international quality, efficient methods and trained manpower to provide trusted solutions for Voice, Data & Video communications. AATS will encourage all levels in the organization to update their skills & knowledge for implementing most trusted Telecommunication solutions and meet customer requirements.