A&A Teleservices is in business of following:
• Radio Access Network (RAN) and Microwave links Survey, Installation, Commissioning, Integration and Maintenance
• FWT, terminal equipment for Fixed Networks
• Survey, design and installation of efficient and effective Wi-Fi solutions
• Installation and Cabling of Data Communication Systems
• Installation and Commissioning of VSATs, both on terrestrial and off shore platforms
• Facilities Management at captive sites
• Installation and Commissioning of CCTV and security systems
• Satellite Antenna and Waveguide installation work.
• Design, supply and Installation for In Building Solutions (IBS)
• Supply, Installation and Integration of IoT devices.
While we participate with service providers and major subcontractors in realizing above services, we are always open to work and provide our services in green field areas in any industry. We are able to realise this with a very knowledgeable, informed and motivated work force. Also, our skilled work force is capable of acquiring and adapting to any new product/service with limited necessary training and acquaintance. The company comprises of a large dynamic and highly skilled efficient management team that delivers product/services all over WA.Our objective is to provide strategic and Cost Effective solutions to the telecom Industry in this fast changing and competitive Business environment.

Customer Services

We all at A&A Teleservices will make best efforts to meet customer needs and requirements by using modern technology, products of international quality, efficient methods and trained manpower to provide trusted solutions for Voice ,Data & Video communications. AATS will encourage all levels in the organization to update their skills & knowledge for implementing most trusted Telecommunication solutions and meet customer requirements.